Long solid dishes drain rack /long wooden dishes drain rack

This product is made of high-quality logs and has a light and elegant wood grain color, which is in line with the current consumers’ pursuit of naturalistic home furnishing. Powerful function, can be used as storage rack, dish draining rack, sundries rack, supermarket supplies display rack, etc.

This product is made of high-quality pure wood, single set of independent packaging, detachable assembly, flexible use, natural and healthy material advantages are very consistent with the current trend of natural home furnishing, exquisite and flexible, versatile combinations, powerful functions not only can be used as drain racks, storage racks, Dish racks, sundries racks, etc., are suitable for a wide range of places.
This products have two materials:high-quality pure wood and Eco-friendly Plastic.The product is individually packaged in a single set. The assembly is simple, the use is convenient, the product is exquisite and flexible, and the combination is varied. The advantages of natural and healthy materials are very consistent with the current trend of natural home furnishing. The powerful function can not only be used as a drain rack, a storage rack, a dish rack, a sundries rack, etc., but also a wide range of applications.

  • Place of Origin Guangzhou,China
  • Custom-made NO
  • Product material Stainless steel
  • Occasion Pop Display、Advertising
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    Product Name:Dish Drain Rack Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Product material:Plastic/Wooden Place of  Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Color:Natural Bamboo Color Applicable Space:Kitchen, supermarket,Dining room etc
    Type:Storage Holders & Racks Commercial Buyer:Restaurants, Convenience Stores
    Feature:Sustainable, Stocked Custom-model:NO


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    1. What material is the product made of?
    A: This product is made of pure solid wood, and the wood color is very natural and fashionable.

    2. What are the product specifications?
    A: This product has a variety of commonly used specifications, which are suitable for most commonly used specifications in supermarkets, and can also be customized if there are special sizes.

    3. Does it need to be assembled?
    A: The product is detachable, free to assemble, easy to install, each packaged separately!

    4. Is the material fixed? Is it customizable?
    A: This product is made of solid wood, with multiple specifications, and now there are also plastic materials to choose from. For specific customization, please inquire!

    5. Is the sample free? How long will it take to sample?
    A: Due to customization, another mold needs to be opened. The mold development cycle is 7-15 days. If you need to customize, please provide samples or design drawings! Proofing will be charged a prototype template fee, depending on the actual situation.

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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