Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser

The cigarette pusher has many specifications: unilateral, bilateral (the width can widening). It can hold 11 packs of cigarettes. It is suitable for almost all specifications of cigarettes on the market, and can also be used for beverages, biscuits, milk powder and other products. Through the spring design, the product is automatically pushed forward in real time. without manual tally and convenient for customers, it is “kill two birds with one stone.”

The automatic pusher will automatically push the goods forward without manual. The spring pusher rod can finish the autumatic pushing act.
Pharmacies, tobacco companies or shops, shelf companies and other places; it can be used for shopping mall promotions, advertising promotions, short-term promotions, long-term promotions, and product display.
Most of the spring pushers are used for cigarette propulsion. In fact, the spring pusher has many functions. In addition to pushing cigarettes, beverages, milk powder, biscuits and other commodities

  • Place of Origin Guangzhou,China
  • Material PVC
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    Product Name:Auto-Feed Shelf Pusher System/
    acrylic cigarettes display rack with spring Pusher rod
    Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Product Model:KZ1002 Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Material :PVC Occasion:Spuermarket、Convenience Store、Shopping mall
    Size:single side、double side unilateral, bilateral  Fuction:Cigarette pusher
    Color:transparent/ acrylic  Custom-made:NO

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    Packing and delivery single side double side double side-widen
    Product Size: 28.5*6.3*4.5cm 28.5*6.3*4.5cm 28.5*9*4cm
    Product Weight: 0.07KG 0.18KG 0.109kg
    Package size: 58*42*38CM 71*37*60CM 78*48*59CM
    Package weight: 15KG 37KG 23KG
    Qty: 200/piece 200/piece 200/piece

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    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (1)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (2)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (3)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (4)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (5)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (6)
    Tobacco auto display rack with 1 Dispenser (7)

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    1. What material is the product made of?
    Answer: This product is PS+PC, it is made of plastic.

    2. What is the difference between unilateral and bilateral widening?
    A: The bilateral model adopts a solid four-sided structure. There are two partitions between the two groups. The single side is supported on both sides. The two groups share one partition, which saves space and has its own advantages. (But the two sides cannot be interlocked). Both single and double sides and widening can be spliced ​​infinitely (different styles cannot be mixed), and widening is suitable for wide cigarette cases. Both can hold 11 packs of cigarettes.

    3. Is the product fragile?
    Answer: High toughness violent twist is not easy to break.

    4. What types of goods can be placed on the thruster?
    A: a. Traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, boxed cigars, boxed daily necessities cleaning products (deodorant), medium plastic bottled daily necessities (shampoo), boxed medicine, canned chewing gum, boxed scented tea, cosmetics, etc.
    b. Bottled water, glass bottled wine, canned drinks (Coke, milk, Wanglaoji, etc.).
    c. Glass bottled beer/wine.
    d. Canned candy boxes/cookie boxes.
    e. Large bottles of household daily necessities, large glass bottles of wine/red wine.

    5. Can the specification be customized?
    A: Due to the need to open another mold for customization, the mold development cycle is long and difficult, so customization is not supported for the time being. The existing styles can already adapt to almost all types of cigarettes on the market!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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