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Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd., as a well-known manufacturer of supermarket consumables and fruit and vegetable packaging materials in China, has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 10 years. With a broad industry base, we are deeply trusted by customers across the country and even around the world. We have been invited to participate in the China Retail Expo many times, displaying dozens of new products, including a number of patented products. The new products independently developed by our company also made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition, and the atmosphere was lively. Our company's POP display props and disposable environmentally friendly fresh-keeping trays have won unanimous praise from customers at the exhibition. On-site ordering of new products is also in full swing. Stretch Film Roll, Sign Holder , Thermoforming Machine For Food Packaging , Disposable Tray ,Big Tray For Forzen . Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. has been developing for 15 years, and its product categories are becoming more and more perfect. The company has begun to expand its services to provide one-stop solutions for customers in the new retail field. This has received excellent feedback. On this basis, the company expanded the dust-free workshop and began to produce packaging products, including disposable environmental protection trays made of PET, PP and other materials, as well as paper packaging products. This expansion enables the company to explore new horizons in its business scope. Relying on its industry-leading independent research and development capabilities, Kaizheng has developed its own wood grain series signs and some products independently developed by commercial supermarkets, and has continuously obtained patent rights. The company continues to gain exposure in the annual international and domestic new retail exhibitions and has achieved remarkable performance and reputation. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Puerto Rico, Seychelles,Montpellier, Mexico.The smoke pusher is a new type of smoke pusher, which innovates the traditional smoke setting device and has a spring automatic extension device. The push rod is equipped with a retractable spring device, and after each pack of cigarettes is taken out, the remaining cigarettes are automatically pushed forward. It can improve the display effect of cigarettes, save labor costs for replenishment, improve inventory efficiency, and eliminate the need for manual replenishment and inventory management. Greatly improved the efficiency of product placement. Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. is the original manufacturer of smoke pushers. We have our own molds and a number of research and development achievements. We can customize the material requirements of the pusher according to customer needs. There is no limit to the order quantity and we offer fast delivery.

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