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Supermarket bundling tape is mostly used for bundling vegetables, fruits and snacks. It is used in a large amount and has a wide range of uses. At the same time, vegetable bundling tape can also provide reliable sealing, remove no glue residue, especially easy to print, and can print customer logos. The company does publicity, and it is not easy to fall off, so it is very popular with customers of supermarkets and department stores.

This product is suitable for bundling vegetables directly in supermarkets, or bundling retail goods, sealing packaging bags, etc. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, not easy to break, not degummed, environmentally friendly and harmless. Specifications, colors, LOGO printing and other customized services.

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Product Name:Kaizheng Supermarket bundling tape  Product Model:YZ-001
Brand Name:Kaizheng Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
Material : Occasion:Spuermarket、Deil、Fruit Store
Size: 60 yards/roll 100 yards/roll
Color: green, red, purple green, red, purple
Qty: 480 rolls/piece 432 rolls/piece
FCL Specifications: 51*41*27CM 57*41*27CM
FCL weight: 17KG 19.5KG

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1. Can I choose the color by myself?
A: Regular red and green, but you can also customize the color according to your needs.

2. Can you print LOGO or custom printed fonts?
A: You can customize LOGO or printed words, you need to provide us with design drawings to customize.

3. How many specifications are there? Qty?
A: There are two conventional specifications, 1cm wide, 60 yards and 100 yards in length, 480 rolls/piece for 60 yards, and 432 rolls/piece for 100 yards. Length and width specifications can also be customized.

4. What material is it made of? Is it environmentally friendly? Can it come into direct contact with food?
Answer: PVC environmental protection material, can be directly contacted with food, non-toxic and harmless.

5. How long can I take samples? Are samples free?
Answer: Printing vegetable tapes cannot be proofed, because the process and time for producing a roll and a batch are the same. Only the drawings of the electronic file can be provided to confirm the printing content and color. As for quality problems, provide other customers before Customized vegetable baling tape for your confirmation.

6. What is the minimum order quantity?
Answer: The minimum quantity of customized supermarket vegetable baling tape is one parent roll. Generally, one parent roll is about 20 pieces. It is impossible to customize in small batches.

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