Kaizheng frozen tray Fresh meat tray

Supermarket fresh and cold meat tray, food-grade PP material, with quality inspection report, strong toughness and tasteless, in line with the hygiene requirements of pharmaceutical, food and other industries, long service life, generally usable for 10 years, suitable for refrigeration and high temperature, -20°-70°, resistant to temperature, in line with export quality, suitable for all kinds of supermarket delicatessen as fresh and cooked food refrigerator trays.

PP material, very tough and no peculiar smell, can bear 150 catties, the inner wall is smooth, the four corners are stable and wear-resistant, the stackable design, the storage is free to save space, the storage is convenient, 2 colors and 3 sizes are available, – The temperature range of 20°-70° is suitable for the special supermarket cooked food chiller meat tray.

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Product material:PP
  • Custom-made:NO Occasion:Deli showcase
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    Product name:Kaizheng Fresh meat tray Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Capacity:30/40/70L Occasion:Deli showcase
    Shape:Rectangular Product Model:ZT001-007
    Feature:Strong and durable Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China

    Packing and delivery

    Product Model: Color single size material Qty single weight packing size packing weight
    large black 81.5×31.5×6cm PP 30 0.8KG 84*33*48CM 25KG
    medium black/white 60×30×3cm PP 50 0.56KG 61*31*46CM 28KG
    small black 41.5×31.5×6cm PP 100 0.45KG 61*41.5*46CM 46KG

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    1. How many styles are there?
    A: There are two common styles, portable and pull-rod. The portable style is compact and convenient. The pull-rod has a directional wheel at the bottom, which is more convenient to use.

    2. What material? Is it easy to break?
    A: The basket body is made of 100% new impact-resistant modified PP material, which is very tough, light in weight, and has a long service life. The effective working temperature is -25℃-65℃.

    3. Can it be customized?
    A: The color and material can be customized, but the style does not accept customization for the time being!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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