Heavy-Duty One-Piece Bar/Ice Scoop

This product is divided into three models, large, medium and small, PC food-grade material, transparent and thickened shovel head, smooth, one-piece molding, strong and durable handle, upgraded frosted model, higher appearance and stronger, suitable for -20°-100° strong temperature difference.
This product is divided into three models: large, medium and small. PC food-grade material, the product is light and thick, the shovel head is smooth, one-piece molding, and the handle is sturdy and durable. Upgrade the frosted model, the appearance is higher and stronger, and it can adapt to the strong temperature difference of -20°~100°C.

  • Place of Origin Guangzhou,China
  • Custom-made NO
  • Product material Stainless steel
  • Occasion Pop Display、Advertising
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    Product Name:Plastic bar ice scoop Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Material :Food grade PC material Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Color:Frosted transparent Commercial Buyer:Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services
    Style:Rounded Season:All-Season
    Custom-model:NO Feature:Sustainable, Stocked


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    1. How many styles and specifications are there?
    A: The specifications are different in size, divided into large, medium and small, which can be selected according to individual usage scenarios.

    2. Is the material fragile?
    A: Thicken PC material, upgrade frosted model, and take into account that it is not easy to break.

    3. Can it be customized?
    A: Large quantities can be customized, and you can consult customer service for specific needs!

    4. Is the refrigerator available? Can it adapt to high temperature and low temperature?
    Answer: Yes, it is suitable for strong temperature differences of -20°-100°.

    5. Can it be in direct contact with food?
    A: Food grade PC material, support food contact!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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