1.Q: Do the company's products accept customization?

A: Most of the company's products can be customized. lf you need customized services, you can provide samples anddrawings, or communicate in details.

2.Q: Does the company accept visits?

A: lf you need to visit, you can contact our company directly. All staff warmly welcome you.

3.Q: Does the company support factory inspection?

A: We support your factory inspection or entrust factory inspection.

4.Q: What payment methods does the company accept?

A: lf there is no problem, you can confirm the contract, pay the contract deposit first, and pay the final payment beforeshipment.You can make payment through the Ali platform orthrough the company's corporate account.

5.Q: The quickest way to contact?

A: Company Email: Kaizhengdisplay@gmail.com

    Google: Kaizhengdisplay@gmail.com

    WeChat: aizaixingzou999

Facebook: meimeinicole@163.com
Twitter: meimeinicole@163.com


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