L-shape Display Adjustable Magnetic Acrylic Shelf Divider

Shelf organization artifact, standard in high-end supermarket convenience stores, one item for one grid, convenient for loading and unloading without frequent tally, one-to-one product price, to prevent misleading customers, with magnetic strong magnetic strip, magnetic attraction is stable, suitable for all kinds of wood Shelves, with magnetic models for iron shelf laminates, a variety of sizes to choose.
Shelf tally artifact, standard in high-end supermarket convenience stores. It can make the goods one by one, and the goods can be easily put on and off the shelf without frequent tally. Using it can make the price of the product clear at a glance, and eliminate the inconvenience caused by misleading customers.
There are two options: the magnetic version with strong magnetic strip, the magnetic attraction is stable, and suitable for all kinds of wooden shelves; the magnetic version is suitable for iron shelf laminates; there are many specifications and sizes to choose from.

  • Place of Origin Guangzhou,China
  • Custom-made NO
  • Product material Stainless steel
  • Occasion Pop Display、Advertising
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    Product Name:Adjustable Magnetic Acrylic Shelf Divider
    Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Material :PVC+ ABS+ Iron Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Color:Transparent Occasion:Supermaerket Display
    Feature:Adjustable Function:Display Products/ tally goods/ tally products

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    1. What is the difference between each style? Is it the same function? Is it the same way to use it?
    Answer: The specifications are different in size. The styles are divided into magnetic and non-magnetic models. The magnetic models are suitable for iron shelves, and the super magnetic attraction is used. The non-magnetic models are suitable for wooden shelves.

    2. What material? Is it easy to deform?
    A: Transparent PVC material, not easy to deform, waterproof and moisture-proof, super durable, high transparency, does not affect the aesthetics of product display.

    3. Can it be customized?
    A: Various specifications and sizes can be customized!

    4. How to use?
    A: Place dividers in sequence on the shelves, and adjust the width of the dividers by yourself.

    5. Is the material easy to yellow? Does it have a long service life?
    A: Transparent PVC material, long-term use with confidence and will not turn yellow, super long service life.

    6. How to choose magnetic or non-magnetic model?
    Answer: Non-magnetic models are used for wooden products, and magnetic models are used for iron shelves.

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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