Development History

Development history


    • Start Sailing

      "Triumph and open-minded is open to the world, and the right way of mind is unimpeded"adhering to the original intention of pragmatic product production and dedicated service. In 2006, Kaizheng was formally established. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it mainly produced special lighting for supermarket fruit and vegetable area. The factory is located in Zhongshan Ancient Town, Guangzhou City, China. Benefiting from the advantages of the ancient town "Lighting Capital of the World", the company has developed rapidly, and the super lighting equipment manufacturer has expanded in the national market.

    • Keep Sailing

      Because of the company's cost-effective products and services, it has won unanimous praise from customers in supermarkets and supermarkets across the country, and the company has developed rapidly. In the few years since its establishment, the company has attracted a lot of high-caliber talents in many industries, and began to expand other supermarket consumables and new retail products other than supermarket lighting, especially famous for the research and development of POP display products. Began to emerge in the category of supermarket display supplies in the industry.

    • Sailing Leader

      The company continues to grow and develop, the team and production equipment are comprehensively expanded and upgraded, and new products are continuously launched. All kinds of paper prints, etc. Kaizheng's reputation continues to be widely praised in the industry, leading the new retail industry of supermarket consumables.

    • Set Off Again

      The company has continued to develop, the production team has expanded by over 300 employees, and its independent research and development capabilities have reached a new high. Continued exposure and appearance, achieved good performance and reputation.

    • New Journey

      New retail electronic price tags, store technology products, shopping malls and supermarket price display, packing manchines, POP supporting equipment... The product category is becoming more and more perfect, the company has begun to develop store-wide solutions to provide customers with "one-stop" Open shop service and get good feedback. On this basis, the company expanded the dust-free workshop, and added new products to the commodity category: packaging products, disposable environmental protection trays, PET, PP and other material trays, paper packaging products, and the company produced all-line production, which opened up the company's business scope.

    • The future is the sea of stars

      In 2017, the products not only occupied the domestic market, but also exported to the international market. After 15 years of intensive cultivation, the company has developed so far, set foot in 26 domestic provinces and 30 foreign countries, and served more than 30,000 customers.