Colorful Fruit Paper Tray

High-end paper trays, using environmentally friendly thickened cardboard and double-sided lamination technology, dozens of styles, all kinds of fruits are customized Customized, can be used as a high-end environmentally friendly fruit cutting container, with fruit stickers to instantly improve the freshness and beauty of the fruit.

This product is thickened cardboard, the shape is stiff and not easy to be deformed, the double-sided film will not collapse in contact with water, the environmentally friendly material meets the environmental protection needs of customers, and more importantly, it can print LOGO, specification customization, size customization, and various fruits. Customized and other free customization services, bright colors, unique design, brightening and brightening, so that the fruit display can be perfectly displayed.

  • Place of Origin Guangzhou,China
  • Material Environmentally friendly cardboard
  • Custom-model NO
  • Usage Food Container
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    Product Name:Colorful Fruit Paper Tray Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Material :Environmentally friendly cardboard Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Size:Large, medium and small Usage:Food Container
    Color:Colorful Custom-model:NO

    Packing and delivery

    QTY:1000个 Product packaging:50 individual packs
    Product Size:Large, medium and small Product weight: 26g/pc
    Package size:63*30*41cm Shipping time:24-72 hours
    Package weight:31kg  

    Product advantages

    1. Factory direct sales

    2. Customizable

    3. Short delivery period

    4. Quality assurance

    Product display

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    1. What material? Is it environmentally friendly?
    A: Environmentally friendly hard cardboard, thickened and resistant to pressure and not easy to deform.

    2. Can it be waterproof?
    A: The cardboard is covered with double-sided film, which is waterproof and not easy to collapse when exposed to water.

    3. Can it be customized?
    Answer: Yes, the specifications and sizes can be customized, and the LOGO printing can also be customized, and various kinds of fruits can be specially packaged.

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