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Suitable for food refrigeration, preservation, electrical packaging of items, screen dustproof, etc., made of PVC raw material particles (food grade), which can directly contact food, no plasticizer, high finish, strong self-adhesion, self-adhesive without heating , which is conducive to sealing packaging, and has stronger tensile force and superior recovery.

  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China Material: PVC
  • Custom-made: YES Occasion: packaged goods
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    Product Name:Cling film Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Brand Name:Kaizheng Occasion:Spuermarket、Deil、Fruit Store
    Hardness:Soft Usage:Cling Film/Food packaging
    Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion Color:transparent
    Material :PVC Feature:Moisture Proof

    Packing and delivery

    Product Model BX110 BX111 BX112 BX113 BX114
    Size 25cm*400m 30cm*400m 35cm*400m 40cm*400m 45cm*400m
    Weight 1.15KG 1.4KG 1.65KG 1.9KG 2.15KG
    FCL Specifications 29*23*34cm 34*23*34cm 39*23*34cm 44*23*34cm 49*23*34cm
    FCL weight 8kg 9kg 11kg 13kg 14kg
    Qty 6 rolls/box 6 rolls/box 6 rolls/box 6 rolls/box 6 rolls/box


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    1. Can it be in direct contact with food?
    Answer: This product is made of PVC raw material particles (food grade), which can be directly contacted with food, without plasticizer, without fluorine, real material, healthy and safe.

    2. Is it easy to break?
    Answer: super tensile force, excellent sealing, high toughness, resistance to pulling, puncture resistance of sharp objects, stronger lateral tension

    3. Can it be microwaved?
    Answer: This product is not suitable for microwave heating, but suitable for refrigerating and locking.

    4. Is there any plastic smell?
    Answer: There is a slight plastic smell. Because the PVC material of this product contains soybean oil, it is sealed and packed after being produced and formed under high temperature treatment, so the smell has not been recovered well, and the ventilation will gradually weaken after opening the box.

    5. Is it heat-resistant and frost-resistant?
    Answer: -60°-100°, freeze-resistant and not microwaveable.

    6. Can the specification be customized?
    A: The regular specifications are 25-30-35-40*400 meters. If you need to customize, you can contact us for large quantities!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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