Manual stretch cling film manual vegetable packing machine

This product is a special machine for cling film cutting, which is usually suitable for large distribution centers, large, medium and small supermarkets to package vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and other products. The machine is easy to operate and it can improve the packaging efficiency. Through continuous tests of product functions and materials, there are two types for you: ABS materials and stainless steel. It is easy to use and high efficient, with a low price. The market feedback is very good.

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Material:Stainless steel/ABS
  • Custom-made:No Occasion:packaged goods
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    Product Name:Film Food Cling Wrapping Machine Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Occasion:Spuermarket、Deil、Fruit Store
    Driven Type:Manual Custom-made:No

    Packing and delivery

    Product Model BXJ-001 BXJ-002
    Material ABS Stainless steel
    Weight 6.8kg 4.5kg
    package Size 43*53*16.5cm 51*17*18cm
    Color Green Silver
    Package 2sets/carton 6sets/carton
    Configurable cling film size 25-45cm 25-45cm

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    Market Feedback



    1. How big is the plastic wrap suitable for?
    A: The plastic wrap within 45 cm can be used universally.

    2. Can it be used in vacuum? Can it be used in a power outage?
    Answer: It cannot be vacuum packed, it is only suitable for plastic wrap, and the plug-in plastic wrap machine is only suitable for use when plugged in. The working principle is to heat and fuse, so it cannot be used without power.

    3. Is the plug a European plug? Can it be customized?
    A: Yes, the default European plug, can also be customized.

    4. How many volts? temperature adjustment range?
    Answer: 220V voltage, temperature adjustable range 60°-160°.

    5. Is the power high? Does it cost electricity?
    Answer: The power is 350W, which is equivalent to only 0.35 kWh of electricity for one hour.

    6. Does the product support customization?
    A: This product does not support customization at the moment.

    7. Is it individually packaged?
    A: Individually packaged, one piece per piece.

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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