Supermarket Plastic Bag Shelf Roll Dispenser Storage Rack

This product is a special  holder for automatic bag breaking of continuous/ roll bags. It is usually suitable for large, medium and small supermarkets. It can realize the automatic bag breaking function of loose bags and continuous bags. The materials has stainless steel, iron, ABS, etc. , hanging, elbow, straight, and other styles, suitable for various applicable scenarios, to solve the problem that customers are not easy to take bags and break bags.(tearing bags)

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Material :Metals、Stainless steel、ABS Plastic
  • Custom-made:NO Occasion:Packing of fruits/cooked food/snacks, etc.
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    Product Name:Supermarket Plastic Bag Holder Occasion:Packing of fruits/cooked food/snacks, etc.
    Product Model:LJ001-LJ008 Usage:Supermarkt、Convenient store
    Specifications: Various Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Color: Black, Silver Brand Name:Kaizheng accept OEM order
    Material: Metals、Stainless steel Custom-made:NO

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      Qty Package size CM Package weight KG
    LJ001 34 62*45*57 21.40
    LJ006 50 50*48*32 27.00
    LJ007 20 54*36*39.5 13.50 

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    1. What is the difference between each bracket? Is it the same function?
    A: The functions of each type of bracket are the same, dear, and they can automatically break the bag. The difference between the brackets is that the materials are different, and the applicable scenarios are different.

    2. Will it be difficult to install?
    Answer: They are all easy-to-install models. The hanging series can be used directly without installation. Other models only need to install the matching screws according to the position of the screw holes.

    3. What type of bag is suitable?
    A: The basic bulk bag, even the roll bag specifications can be used in general.

    4. Will the metal material be easy to rust?
    Answer: It will not rust, the iron is made of iron and baking paint, which is anti-oxidative and does not rust, and stainless steel or ABS material will not rust.

    5. Can it be customized?
    A: The quantity can be customized, if you need it, you can contact us!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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