Packaging tray Transparent blister PET plastic tray

This product is imported food-grade PET material, which is safer without peculiar smell. There are various types of food trays, pet trays, various fruit and vegetable trays, raw and cooked food trays, and more than a thousand product categories meet the standards for one-time catering. High temperature sterile, more hygienic and more assured.

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Material :PET
  • Custom-made:NO Occasion:Packaing
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    Product Name:Fruit/Vegetable Packing Tray Product Model:TM001-TM010
    Brand Name:Kaizheng Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Material :PET Occasion:Packaing
    Size:Various Color: Transparent
    Shape: Rectangle Custom-made:NO

    Packing and delivery

    Product Model Color QTY size weight FCL packing size FCL weight
    1912A Transparent 2000 18.5*11.5*2.5cm 6.8g 39*39*24cm 15.5kg
    1912B Transparent 2000 18.5*11.5*2.5cm 7.3g 30*37*24cm 15.5kg
    1410 Transparent 3000 14*10*2cm 4..7g 35*32*28.5cm 15kg
    1414C Transparent 2000 13.5*13.5*2cm 3.8g 30*26.5*26cm 11kg
    1710 Transparent 2000 16.5*10.5*1.5cm 5.4g 33*28*22cm 11.5kg
    1511 Transparent 2000 15*11*2cm 6.6g 47*32*23cm 13kg
    2011 Transparent 2000 19.5*11*2cm 8g 39*32*22cm 15.5kg
    2215 Transparent 2000 21.5*15*3cm 11.7g 43*39*32cm 23kg
    1914A Transparent 2000 18.5*14*2cm 8.2g 37*32*27.5cm 16.5kg
    1914B Transparent 2000 18.5*14*2cm 8.4g 37*32*27.5cm 16.5kg
    2013 Transparent 2000 20*13*2cm 8g 39*33*25.7cm 15.5kg
    2013D Transparent 2000 20*13*2cm 11.4g 39*33*25.7cm 15.5kg
    2513 Transparent 2000 24.5*13.5*2.5cm 11.2g 48.3*31*27.5cm 24kg
    1616 Transparent 2000 16*16*2cm 8.7g 36*32*32cm 17kg
    1813 Transparent 2000 17.5*13*2cm 7.2g 36*33*26.5cm 16kg
    3313 Transparent 1000 32.5*13*2.5cm 15.5g 41*34*28cm 16kg
    2721 Transparent 500 27*21*3cm 21.7g 51*28*22cm 12kg
    2518 Transparent 1000 24.5*17.5*3cm 16.5g 57*35*25cm 17kg
    round big Transparent 2000 23*17*2.5cm 11.2g 48*32*36cm 23kg
    T-07 /1811 Transparent 2000 17.5*11.5*2cm 7.3g 36*32*23cm 15.5kg
    round small Transparent 2000 21*15*2cm 9g 44*32*32cm 18.5kg
    1910 Transparent 2000 19*10*2cm 6.4g 39*34*21cm 13.5kg
    2516 Transparent 1000 25*16*3.5cm 17.8g 46*35*25cm 17kg
    2015 Transparent 2000 19.5*14*2cm 9.3g 39*31*29cm 13kg

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    1. What material is the product made of?
    Answer: This product is made of PET transparent material, which has passed the national food safety inspection. The product is food-grade material and can be directly contacted with food.

    2. What are the product specifications?
    A: This product has dozens of commonly used specifications, which are suitable for most commonly used specifications in supermarkets, and can also be customized if there are special sizes.

    3. Is the product resistant to freezing and heat?
    Answer: Most of the products are suitable for refrigerated and fresh, not suitable for heating or excessively high temperature.

    4. Is the material fixed? Is it customizable?
    Answer: This product is a commonly used material. If it is customized, as long as the blister process can be adapted, it can be customized, but it must be a food-grade material!

    5. Is the sample free? How long will it take to sample?
    A: Due to customization, another mold needs to be opened. The mold development cycle is 7-15 days. If you need to customize, please provide samples or design drawings! Proofing will be charged a prototype template fee, depending on the actual situation.

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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