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There are three kinds of vegetable bundling machine, size and stainless steel material, which can be used for adhesive tape and PE winding film. There is no need for screws to fix the bottom and anti-slip pad design. Stable and anti-slip pad is put and play, card slot design, the roller does not drop the wheel, small volume does not occupy space, it is a light and practical economic bundling machine.

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Product name: Vegetable bundling machine Brand Name: Kaizheng
Material: metal, ABS product Model: KC001-003
Core components: bearing Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Automatic level: semi-automatic Occasion: Binding vegetables
Custom-made: No  
Product Model KC001 KC002
product Size 29*10*10cm 35*10*11cm
Material ABS ABS
Weight 1.06KG 1.93KG
Color Green Green

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  KC001 KC002
numbers 30 20
Weight(kg) 17.9 21.3
Size(cm) 60*50*35.5 60*36*47

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1. What's the difference between each style? Does it function the same? Is it the same?
Answer: material material can have different, specification size also can differ somewhat, use method is same oh, do not affect use, just offer a variety of choices according to applicable scene and individual be fond of.

2. Does each style have two axes?
Answer: Only large bundling machine has two axes, nested design, big wheel nested small wheel, can be replaced according to the use of different bundling materials.

3. Can customization be implemented?
A: The color and material can be customized, but the style can not be customized.

4. Do I need to plug it in?
Answer: No need to plug in, manual easy operation, no requirements on the operating environment.

5. Can the cutting blade be replaced? Is the blade easy to cut your hand?
Answer: the cutting blade can be replaced by itself, long service life, hidden blade, not easy to cut hand oh!

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