Supermarket promotion price tag display holder adjust metal display stand

It is vital to use attractive poster stands in supermarkets/grocery stores. Some consumers already make a shopping list when they enter the supermarket or grocery store. The poster stand can mark and highlight the product, consumers can get more information from the poster stand, thus increasing the product sales. Desktop promotional poster holder, retractable, replaceable posters, free to write and use repeatedly.
Poster stands are a perfect way to attract client attention, even in crowded areas!
Poster stands can be used to advertise new items and services with-in banks, shopping malls, or trade shows.A poster stand can also be used as a lobby directory.No matter how they are used, poster stands are ideal forms of promoting.

Focusing on the improvement of store image, this desktop poster stand highlights the selling points of supermarkets, has a strong shopping atmosphere, directly affects customers’ attention, and increases sales. Specifications are optional, can be customized, applicable to a wide range of scenarios: supermarkets, shopping malls, flower shops, fruit and vegetable stores, clothing stores, furniture stores……

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Material :PVC and mental
  • Custom-made:NO Occasion:Portable Promotional Display Stand
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    Product Name:Advertisement Display Stand Kaizheng poster stand holder Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Material :PVC and mental Product Model:DT001-005
    Specification:A4 A5 A6 Occasion:Portable Promotional Display Stand
    Holder Color:Silver、Black     
    Frames Label colour: black, yellow , green, blue, etc.  
    Frames Label shape: butterfly, round, rectangle,square, etc.
    Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China

    Packing and delivery

    SKU Single weight(kg) QTY Packing size (cm) Packing weight (kg)
    DT-001 0.07 200 62.5*50*34 15.10
    DT-002 0.08 200 58*44*41 18.30
    black base 0.20 200 33*21*15 42.00
    A4 board —— 200 62.5*45.5*34 15.68
    A5 board —— 400 62.5*45*45 20.93 

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    1. Is it scalable? Adjustable height range?
    Answer: Various specifications, the height can be telescopically adjusted, the adjustable range of the conventional rod is 39-62 cm; the adjustable range of the stainless steel rod is 45-85 cm; the adjustable range of the heightened rod is 49-92 cm.

    2. Will it be difficult to install?
    Answer: It is easy to install. There are screws at the bottom of the pole, and the screws can be installed with the chassis.

    3. What material is it made of?
    A: There are two kinds of materials, conventional and heightened rods and bases are made of wrought iron and paint, no rust, stainless steel rods are stainless steel; the frame is made of ABS plastic.

    4. Can it be erased and written repeatedly? What is the principle?
    A: The box is equipped with transparent PVC film + poster paper. The transparent PVC film uses an erasable pen, which can be freely written, erasable and reusable; the poster paper inside can be freely replaced.

    5. Can it be customized?
    A: It can be customized for large quantities. The height and length of the pole and the color of the frame are available in five colors: red, yellow, black, green and white. It can be customized as needed!

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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