Assemblable and Detachable Acrylic steps display stand for The air curtain cabinet freezer, salon nail display stand holder

The air curtain cabinet freezer boutique step display props that large supermarkets love to use. It is specially designed for frost-proof and pressure-resistant air curtain cabinet display stand. The trapezoidal display stand can be displayed without a riser or with a riser. Transparent and environmentally friendly materials, high-end and refreshing, better highlight the selling points of products and enhance the store environment. The upgraded buckle design of the product is easy to use, can achieve unlimited splicing, free modeling, and can achieve a more perfect display effect.

The new ABS material is wear-resistant, frost-resistant, anti-compressive, and has a long service life. The product comes with buckles and slots, which can be assembled and spliced infinitely. Injection molding is integrated to ensure both output and quality. There are two types of display: ladder display and inverted trapezoid display It is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, and it is an indispensable prop for the display of boutique products in supermarkets.

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China Material: ABS
  • Custom-made:NO Occasion:packaged goods
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    Product Name:Assemblable and Detachable steps display stand Brand Name:Kaizheng
    Product Model:FMG001 Place of  Origin:Guangzhou,China
    Material: ABS Function:Fruit /vegetable /dringking/ nails etc.Display
    Color:clear Occasion:Spuermarket,Fruit Store, nails salon

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    Product Name single weight(KG) QTY package size(CM) package weight(KG)
    2-layer 0.39 50 83*29*65.5 21.50 
    3-layer 0.59 50 83*41*65.5 31.50 

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    1. What is the difference between each style? Is it the same function? Is it the same way to use it?
    A: There are two specifications of two-story and three-story display stands, with the same functions and two methods of use. The product is equipped with outriggers, which can be used with outriggers for stepped display, and can be used without outriggers for inverted ladder display.

    2. Will it be difficult to install?
    A: The new upgraded models are all designed with snaps, which can be freely inserted, very simple to use, and easy to receive and put in unlimited spelling.

    3. Can it be customized?
    A: The color and material can be customized, but the style does not accept customization for the time being!

    4. Can the refrigerator be used? Antifreeze? Will it be brittle?
    Answer: It is not brittle, anti-freezing, no problem to use below zero, it is specially used for air curtain cabinet freezer, the product is upgraded with environmentally friendly ABS material, not brittle and pressure resistant, you can use it with confidence.

    Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

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