Supermarket Binding Tape Binding Tape Custom Manufacturers

Supermarket bundling tape, vegetable bundling tape is mostly used for bundling vegetables, fruits and snacks. It is used in a large amount and has a wide range of uses. At the same time, vegetable bundling tape can also provide reliable sealing, remove no residual glue, especially easy to print, and can print customers. The logo is used to promote the company, and it is not easy to fall off. It is very popular with customers of supermarkets and department stores.

So can the supermarket vegetable strapping tape be customized? The answer is yes, vegetable tape can be customized regardless of color specifications or printing content, but there are some precautions for custom printing supermarket vegetable tape that you need to understand in advance. There are many uses of printing tape in life. What are the requirements and precautions for custom printing tape? Today, Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. will take you to see it.

First of all, we should pay attention to the choice of color for supermarket vegetable bundling tape: the common supermarket vegetable bundling tapes on the market are generally red and green, followed by purple. If you need other colors, you can also customize the supermarket vegetable bundling tape. Oh problem.

Secondly, how much is the customized version of the supermarket bundling tape? Generally, every tape manufacturer will charge a printing plate fee for customization, because the first time to make a printed copper plate, one color needs one plate, two colors need two plates, and two plate fees are charged. Fees need to look at the actual specifications and the actual situation!

Once again, it is the question about the proofing of the supermarket vegetable tapes that everyone is concerned about: printing vegetable tapes cannot be proofed, because the process and time for producing a roll and a batch are the same, and only electronic files can be provided. The artwork confirms the printing content and color. As for the quality problem, we will provide the vegetable baling tape customized by other customers before for confirmation.

So about the minimum order quantity for supermarket vegetable baling tape customization: some friends are worried about quality problems or the demand quantity is not so large, and they want to order dozens of rolls to try. For the order quantity, the minimum quantity is for a mother roll. Generally, a mother roll is about 20 pieces. It is impossible to customize in small batches.

Can supermarket vegetable strapping tape be customized? I believe that you must already have an answer when you see this. Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. can customize supermarket vegetable bundling tape, bundling tape, etc. The products are cheap and high-quality. If you need to customize LOGO, printing words, or special specifications according to your needs, you can Contact us, the real first-hand manufacturer of supermarket vegetable baling tape customization!

Post time: Mar-28-2022