L-shaped supermarket shelf partition – your good helper for display

Whether it is a large supermarket or a small convenience store, the quality of Meichen’s performance is directly related to the sales performance and conversion rate of the store. No customer likes the store display that looks messy and has no aesthetics at all. There are many experiences and methods for store display to learn from. Today I would like to recommend to you the most common and practical tally artifact. With it, your display and tally will become very easy! L-shaped supermarket shelf divider, if you don’t know it yet, let’s take a look at it!

Situation 1: There are many kinds of goods, and the shelves cannot be sorted out, and the classification is not good. It is inconvenient for customers to find the goods, and the price is always wrong. Look for it!

L-shaped supermarket shelf partition, one grid, one item, one-to-one product price, to prevent misleading customers. Keep your shelves looking fresh and clean!
Situation 2: The goods that cannot be sorted out every day are frequently put on and off the shelves.
L-shaped supermarket shelf partitions are convenient for loading and unloading without frequent tally. The goods are sorted according to the grid, and you only need to replenish the goods regularly and regularly, and refuse to do repeated useless work, tallying is so easy!
H205e9cfdd51148cca84dbe5cefc4954clSituation 3: There are various shelf specifications, and you are worried that you can’t find a suitable size divider?
L-shaped supermarket shelf partitions, there are a variety of models, sizes, specifications, sizes, you can choose at will, if this is not enough, then you can also choose to customize, you can customize the size, model and specifications!
Case 4: Will wooden shelves or iron shelves affect the use of dividers?
L-shaped supermarket shelf divider, divided into two styles with magnetic and non-magnetic, with magnetic super adsorption, suitable for iron shelves, how to put it, super magnetic, you can place goods at will! The non-magnetic version is suitable for all kinds of wooden shelves, which can be glued and used directly.
H7df2c84aeb8e459498b533fb16323df0lL-shaped supermarket shelf divider – your good helper for tally! The PVC material is not easy to be broken and damaged, moisture-proof and waterproof, one-piece molding is strong and durable, high transparency, does not affect the product display, and the friends who have used it can no longer live without it.
H4853fb73978c4cfe8a59393298aeb0f17How to customize L-shaped supermarket shelf partitions? Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. can customize L-shaped supermarket shelf partitions, etc. The products are cheap and high-quality. It has all kinds of imported extrusion machines to meet various customization needs. If you need special specifications, you can contact us. Guangzhou Kaizheng Display Products Co., Ltd. is the real first-hand manufacturer, directly to consumers!

Post time: Aug-16-2022